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These Individuals Turned Their Passion for Helping Others Heal Naturally and Are Ready To Work With You!

They learned how to analyze functional medicine labs, design protocols and are full certified to move clients successfully through the Heal Yourself Program.

A Message from Integrative Healing Academy Founder Sandie Gason

My journey to heal naturally from Lupus, migraines, depression, interstitial cystitis, acne and many other symptoms was a long one.  I made many mistakes along the way and had many painful set backs. It doesn't have to be that way. 


After I healed myself, I fine tuned my program working with hundreds of people all around the world.  I ran thousands of tests and learned what worked and what didn't for the majority of people.


I created the Gascon Healing Method and wrote my book Heal Yourself ~Body ~Mind~ Spirit~ which outlines my program.  It has helped thousands of people all around the world.


Even though it is almost 200 pages I couldn't fit everything into one book.  Learning to analyze all the tests, seeing the different patterns and protocols would take thousands of pages.


If I can help 100 clients a year then 100 people doing exactly what I do could help 10,000 people a year.  


I knew I needed to create an in depth course to share all my knowledge, to teach people to do what I do, and be certified to do it.


Meet The Integrative Healing  Practitioners


Dr. Celia Corbo

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I'm Dr. Celia Corbo, an active Chiropractor and Functional Health Practitioner, driven by an obsession with health and a deep passion for guiding people towards living their optimal quality of life. My goal is to empower people to activate their natural healing abilities through physical, chemical & emotional well-being.  Whether you're here to gain knowledge, find inspiration, or seek personalized guidance, you've come to the right place.

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Melanie Huston

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My own journey from illness to wellness has equipped me with a unique perspective and a profound empathy for those who are struggling with their health. I have grappled with chronic issues that left me feeling hopeless and defeated. Despite seeking answers from the conventional medical system, I found myself met with frustration and disappointment as my conditions persisted: multiple food intolerances, histamine intolerance, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, eczema, and IC. It seemed as though I was trapped in a never-ending cycle of symptom management, unable to break free from the limitations imposed by my own body.


Michelle Burbidge

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I'd love to tell you a bit about what I do. As an Integrative Healing Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, and Trauma-Informed Wellness Expert, I am dedicated to guiding my clients beyond the surface of their symptoms to uncover and address the root causes of their health challenges. With a rich academic background from Queen's University, where I delved into Psycho-, Social, Cognitive, and Neurolinguistics, I have spent decades exploring the intersections of language, applied psychology, and spirituality.


My own journey through "incurable" health challenges in 2016 led me down a new path to the Integrative Healing Academy, where I not only healed myself but also gained the tools to help others achieve the same transformative healing.


Meg Davey

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Having issues with digestive health since my youngest daughter was born in 2018, I was diagnosed with gallstones and death with many different trips to the ER in a lot of pain, pain that would often make me wish I was in labour because that was at the very least, productive! I tried the band-aid solutions of medications the doctors would prescribe to me, avoided some foods at different times, but never truly found solution. On top of the digestive issues I was having, I was full of inflammation. I had weight that no matter how much effort I put in to dropping, nothing was working. This was extremely frustrating since I wasn't eating badly and made a lot of different attempts of losing weight  with different diets and programs throughout the years. 

After one of the biggest gallbladder attacks landed me back in the ER in 2023 and bloodwork that showed alarming numbers for my liver I reached out to Sandie who made up a protocol for me to help my body heal with a special focus on my digestive system with the bloodwork I had received. Through following her protocol and understanding the root causes to my body's dysfunction my symptoms with my gallbladder flare up slowly faded. Along with that progress, I was sleeping better, I was less anxious and I was also starting to lose weight without trying... As of now I have dropped 55 lbs just by following this protocol alone, without any restrictive diets, and without exercise. After seeing the whole-body approach work in my own life and having an understanding of how there are many people like me out there in the world struggling with similar difficulties, I enrolled in the IHA program and am so excited to get started, working with others to help them achieve their health goals! 

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With many health concerns and unanswered questions, eventually I found a practitioner who started to work on my vitamins, minerals, adrenals, hormones, and thyroid and gradually got me back up and running again.  I also have extensive knowledge of what I have been through and hoping one day I can be there to help other people guide them through and offer the support that I lacked when I was sick.


There are many other reasons I have turned to being an Integrated Healing Practitioner was to help my family who also have had some chronic health issues. 


I am passionate about what I do, and the passion comes from my trials and tribulations of being chronically sick over many years. 



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My curiosity into natural healing started in my late teens when I would read for hours and hours, absorbing everything I could.  The first book I read was The Yeast Connection.  I had most of the symptoms and I diagnosed myself with candida and leaky gut when I was only sixteen.  By the age of nine I had already been on numerous antibiotics from repeated bouts of strep throat.  By fourteen I had seen many western doctors, dermatologists, an allergist and TCM Doctor.  I had cystic acne, PMS and depression.I met Sandie Gascon through a Candida Facebook group after she had replied to one of my questions.  I joined her group, then eventually signed up for her health coaching.  I learned the body needs to be looked at as a whole and mindset is an important part of the healing journey.  She taught me to shift my focus away from my symptoms and that we start with functional testing to find imbalances. When IHA was created, I knew it was the next step in my journey! 



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I have struggled with health since I was born. I always had gut and skin issues. I didn’t realize the brain fog and chronic fatigue until I was struggling in my 20’s trying to work my way through school. I went to numerous doctors and did several tests for them to only tell me that everything seemed normal. But I was far from normal. Finally, I started looking for a more natural approach which led me to being diagnosed with candida overgrowth from a naturopath. On her protocol, she just tried to eliminate the candida and did not support the body. This put me in a drastic deficit. That is when my food sensitivities expanded. After learning about which foods were triggers, I stopped eating them which perpetuated the issue. I got to a point where I could only eat a handful of foods. This affected my social life and ultimately my mood and mental state. I just continued to have more and more symptoms until I was barely able to maintain my massage practice. I was doing my own research trying supplement after supplement. Some would help and some definitely made things worse. I was so bad that just getting out of bed or getting through the next hour took everything in me. I had no quality of life. Finally, I found integrative health. It just made sense. Instead of trying to use symptoms to find a diagnosis to cure, just test what the bodies needs, provide support and the symptoms will go away on their own. I believe in this approach so much I decided add it to my practice to help my clients. I am excited to help those that fall through the cracks of our traditional western medicine and provide them with hope of a bright and enjoyable life again!

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Hi!  I'm Miranda.  When I was in my early twenties, I developed Interstitial Cystitis, and I was unable to eat many foods due to the pain they would cause in my bladder.  I found relief using NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) and became symptom-free and able to go back to eating the foods such as dairy that had previously given me issues.When the opportunity arose to become certified in BioSET, I knew I had to offer this amazing modality to the Central Louisiana area.  I became certified in BioSET in Fall of 2022 and have been working with BioSET clients since January 2, 2023 with some incredible results. 

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My name is Annie Stenersen. I am a lover of Jesus, a wife, and Momma to 7 beautiful children. I love to bake and cook, and have a passion to help people.

I was 13 years old when I was diagnosed with anorexia, and battled intensely for 3 years. Doctors warned I might not be able to bear children, but God had other plans! I am so thankful, as my dream was to be a Mom! I moved to New Hampshire after graduating, where I met my husband. We married 2 years later and started our life together there. Expecting our second baby, we moved west to Washington, where we currently reside. We have had a full and fun life raising our babies, starting businesses, and moving our life from home to home over the years.



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Are you tired of striving for health but never quite achieving it? Do you have symptoms that are getting in the way of your happiness, but it feels hopeless to resolve them? Hi, my name is Faith. I'm an Integrative Healing Practitioner, NES Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, Vibralite Healer, and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. After healing myself of fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, anemia, candida overgrowth, neurotransmitter imbalances, and more, I am on a mission to help others reach their health goals and live a vibrant life. Are you ready to start your healing journey? Visit my website to book a free 15-minute consultation.

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For over 5 years I battled candida overgrowth that progressively got worse. It turned into daily migraines, anxiety, depression, severe fatigue and body pain. My anxiety was so bad I was afraid to leave my house. I could barely eat without either my mouth hurting from thrush or feeling like a rock was in my stomach. I tired going vegan and I ended up losing lots of weight and feeling so much worse. My relationships with others was quite toxic. I was disrespectful to others because I felt like I couldn’t control my moods. My mood was changing constantly and I felt like I was full of rage most the time. Finally, someone who understood what I was going through and understood how to fix it. Sandie ordered tests and put together a personalized protocol for me. Over the next year I finally healed. My life was changed! I finally had energy to do the things I love and experience life pain free! I then started imagining what it would be like to help others who are just like me. 


Kasey Casey

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As a clinical health psychologist and a certified integrative healing practitioner, I have combined two of my life’s passions, helping and healing others. I have a doctorate in clinical psychology and have been practicing since 2001 and through my own health journey of healing from mold, depression, parasites,

and chronic fatigue, I have spent years studying the body’s systems, how we heal and don’t heal, the intricacies of medication and supplements and the body’s innate desire to heal when given the proper tools.


Sandra Kelberlau

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My interest in nutrition and healing started with the birth of my first child 13 years ago.  There were complications, and we spent the first two years of his life not knowing how things were going to turn out.  During that time I learned to be an advocate and I started to learn more about how targeted nutrition and supplementation can be used to improve health.At age 41, I developed alopecia and lost all of my hair.  That started me on a journey to find answers and try everything.  Some things helped me feel better, other things made me feel worse, and nothing helped me grow hair.  In 2020 I entered a clinical trial for a new drug and had success.  Despite this, I still wanted to understand better what my body needed and how to support it while taking a pharmaceutical.  I started working with a health coach, and she transformed my health. Today I am feeling great AND growing hair.​ Now, as a certified Integrative Healing Practitioner, I'm ready to help you.  I've done a lot, I've learned a ton, and I can meet you wherever you are in your health journey. 


Kristen Shurance

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My journey to becoming an Integrative Healing Practitioner was largely fueled by knowing exactly how it feels to chase symptoms and get nowhere. I have worked with a number of practitioners who wouldn't listen, wrote symptoms off, and ultimately made things worse in the end by pushing supplements and treatment plans that weren't right for me. A few years ago, while casually scrolling through Facebook I saw a question answered by Sandie Gascon in a group that I didn't even realize I was in. Little did I know her group  would be life changing! I went through the exact program that I am now taking my own clients through. I no longer had to hunt for my own answers. I unlabeled myself of any diagnosis I had been given. I wasn't guessing about the supplements I was taking. The things I learned and the tests that were run made SO MUCH SENSE. The moment Sandie announced that she was opening the Integrative Healing Academy, I was ready to enroll. The one thing I have always desired is to use my own experience and knowledge to help others who are feeling like they just can't find answers. 


Jennifer Keith

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Working through my own health issues with Integrative healing has been life changing. After being diagnosed with Lupus and Alopecia, I just assumed I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life and that I would never really know what was going on in my body. Deep down it never sat well with me that this is how it has to be. It was hard for me to accept that I’m going to have to be on medication for the rest of my life and just deal with having an autoimmune disease. I always wanted to get to the root of what was going on and it bothered me that doctors never looked at the full picture and only looked at certain aspects and markers of health. About a year after my third son was born I found out about Sandie Gascon and started working with her. I loved that she takes a full body approach, actually analyzes test results, and designs protocols so that your body can support itself in order to heal on its own. It has truly been life changing working with her. When she started her Integrative Healing Academy I knew immediately that I wanted to get my certification so that I could help people heal and achieve optimal health.

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IHA Practitioner Directory

Your health directly affects all aspects of your life and needs to be taken very seriously. Illness is a fact of life; however it does not have to be a life sentence. There is hope.

Integrative Healing Academy's™ goal is to educate it's graduates to provide the world with competent and compassionate practitioners in natural healing. It is the life's work of Sandie Gason, resulting from healing herself naturally from lupus, depression, chronic migraines along with years of successful clinical application. The IHA's approach to educating its practitioners releases the cultural norms which is key to transforming lives and finding true healing. 

The professionals listed in this directory come from a variety of backgrounds and are graduates of our IHA professional training. The contact information for individuals listed in this directory is to be used solely for professional referrals and is not to be used for marketing, solicitation or other commercial purposes.   

Beach Fench

"You do not need to be stuck in a long expensive program that pushes one approach."

- Sandie Gason


"Have seen HUGE changes externally and internally!"

I spent 2017 going down a terrible road of chasing my symptoms related to

"leaky gut'" and "candida" (had horrible eczema, food allergies, etc). I was

essentially starving myself of vital nutments and added SO much stress to my

life (making bone broth every week, spending nearly $5,000 on supplements that

didn't work - actually made me worse - and on doctors appointments…even a

highly rated functional doctor in DC). I came to a tipping point and threw down

the monev to work with Sandie because I couldn't imagine going through

another hell year like I did last year. I started working with Sandie in February

2018 and have seen HUGE changes externally and internally. I knew deep down

that the root of my problems was mental/emotional but was so afraid to address

it or didn't know where to start. Sandie has been vital in helping me get more

comfortable in my own skin and feel empowered to charge my life! I'm still in

the hormone/liver stages of healing and have a ways to go still but I am so

encouraged and inspired by the "results" so far. Very recently Sandie helped me

navigate one of the most difficult relationship challenges I've ever faced and

without her support, I can honestly say I was on track to end up going crazy! I

cannot recommend Sandie enough for her knowledge, wisdom, humor, and support.

- Tina Dee

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